The Daily Prompt


After drinking your morning tea, chugging the bottle of water during and after pumping, eating your breakfast, and maybe it is lunch time or time for the evening cup of tea… Your bladder hasn’t had a chance to be relieved. The pressure keeps on building a little bit at a time.

The choice is, loo or play with your 12 week old baby. If said baby is sleeping a very easy call to make, but sometimes she smiles at you and coos… You forget the whole world, an organ is nothing. Then suddenly you switch on a tap and that previously forgotten organ, reminds you why you shouldn’t ever forget it.


Daily Prompt: Tender


I woke up this morning with a headache. Not sleeping well, doing the first shift of the night so between baby and pumping I was exhausted when morning came. 

The hubby takes over at 5am, and I usually get an hour or two of uninterrupted sleep then… not so today.  While I was pumping my husband was feeding our kid, and then they snuggled and lala land welcomed them. While looking at them, sleeping all snuggled up with each other, the two most important people in my life – my headache – it vanished. This  tender image made my morning all the more special. All the tiredness, aches, and pains all took a backseat.

And I, as quickly as I could joined them and we explored lala land together.

Polish: The Daily Post


So when I think of POLISH this image is what comes to my mind. I have had this bottle of nail polish on my coffee table for the past 3 days. My husband has come home everyday and asked should I put this away? I’ve always replied “No, thank you. I am not done yet.”




Every time I’ve tried to put this on, my daughter has let me know that it is her time to feed or I should be playing with her, or my laundry needs to be done… When she falls asleep I have a plethora of options to choose from: to pee, to poop, to eat, to sleep, to clean, to shower, to read, to write, to paint my toes red. Somehow, the last option to paint my toes red has never won. So Polish has to wait its turn, and a day it shall have when I can sit and paint my toes before the flip-flop season passes us by…

Daily Prompts


PJs are my style, as a new mom I stay at home all day so don’t wear any actual clothes. This word Natty is not me by a long shot. I was a person who dressed appropriately, comfortably for the occasion. Now I get a shower, and into a fresh pair of PJs I’ve had a successful day. 

My baby she is  Natty she is dressed in her little clothes, with a matching hairband like only baby girls can be, mom not so much.

Natty a word I’d like to apply to my appearance one day, but I’d settle for jeans and a tee.

June 5th, 2017

Hello, I am a new mom. My baby is 2 months old and I’m starting this today because I’m getting frustrated with life. I love being a mom, but I miss being me. Before baby I did what I wanted when I wanted, now not so much. My life currently revolves around the baby.

So I thought, maybe writing about this will help with the loneliness, and frustration. I enjoy every minute I spend with the kid, yet I miss alone time. When I think out loud about having some alone time, a slew of questions follow, where?, when?, and my least favorite why?

It was never so… I went to the library, to the store, or sat at home. But when I think maybe I should leave the kid with the hubby and go I feel guilt (in addition to a new mom, I’m also a stay at home mom). Guilt is new for me, I’ve never felt guilty about anything I’ve done in my life. And now my primary emotion after tired is guilt.

Will writing this, and letting the internet judge me help? I’m hoping so… We’ll see. Off to do laundry and make dinner. Thanks internet for letting me publish my feelings for the world.

Why I am writing…

I am new mom and need an outlet to re-assert my identity, so what am I doing? Writing my thoughts, and feelings for the internet to read, and most likely judge. This blog is more for me than anyone else, so if you read it and feel or have felt anything similar please share with me. Thank you for reading.