June 5th, 2017

Hello, I am a new mom. My baby is 2 months old and I’m starting this today because I’m getting frustrated with life. I love being a mom, but I miss being me. Before baby I did what I wanted when I wanted, now not so much. My life currently revolves around the baby.

So I thought, maybe writing about this will help with the loneliness, and frustration. I enjoy every minute I spend with the kid, yet I miss alone time. When I think out loud about having some alone time, a slew of questions follow, where?, when?, and my least favorite why?

It was never so… I went to the library, to the store, or sat at home. But when I think maybe I should leave the kid with the hubby and go I feel guilt (in addition to a new mom, I’m also a stay at home mom). Guilt is new for me, I’ve never felt guilty about anything I’ve done in my life. And now my primary emotion after tired is guilt.

Will writing this, and letting the internet judge me help? I’m hoping so… We’ll see. Off to do laundry and make dinner. Thanks internet for letting me publish my feelings for the world.


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