Daily Prompts


PJs are my style, as a new mom I stay at home all day so don’t wear any actual clothes. This word Natty is not me by a long shot. I was a person who dressed appropriately, comfortably for the occasion. Now I get a shower, and into a fresh pair of PJs I’ve had a successful day. 

My baby she is  Natty she is dressed in her little clothes, with a matching hairband like only baby girls can be, mom not so much.

Natty a word I’d like to apply to my appearance one day, but I’d settle for jeans and a tee.


3 Replies to “Daily Prompts”

  1. I made it my rule to shower and dress by 9 every day when my twin boys were babies. It made me feel I had accomplished something and I was ready to face the world! πŸ˜ƒπŸ¦‰

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    1. I’m trying something similar, I do breakfast and a cup of coffee before or with my 5am pumping session. And post that I take a nap, so when I wake up, I’m already ahead by a meal 😁

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